Suzann Bresler Goldstein


FIGHTING BACK: Doing Battle with Cancer, the website and the blog, is a collection of personal essays about managing our lives, the tragedies that sometimes befall us, and the in-between times that leave us marked by the joy of the moment.
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The Valerie Fund
The Valerie Fund's mission is to provide support for the comprehensive health care of children with cancer and blood disorders.

The Stacy Goldstein Breast Cancer Center
RCINJ's Stacy Goldstein Breast Cancer Center provides comprehensive care for people with breast cancer.

My Memoir

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Month: January 2010

Hooray for DNA

Rooted within my DNA is a thriving, chocolate-coded gene. Propelled from the distant past by ancestral kinfolk, its genetic pattern becomes operational at birth and overflows with chocolate as instructed. How else to explain my intense devotion to this velvety delight? I need a daily fix, and am not choosy: milk chocolate, dark, white, or bittersweet…

The Volunteers

One of the tools our clever, unsung administrators use to support certain institutional elements — state or local — is adoption, the nonhuman kind, that is. During the 1980’s, with that concept in mind, a program based on picking up highway litter was initiated. Soon, a number of small businesses and civic groups as well as individuals began to announce the adoption of highways, streets, and roads. The…