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. . . Behold It Was A Dream*

I remember my dreams. They are graphic, detailed, and often disruptive. I take them seriously; not in any predictive way, but rather as expressions of past experiences. My husband, Ed, on the other hand, never remembers dreaming. Now and then, he twitches and yelps in his sleep, and I wake him because he seems frightened….

Dreams and Themes

My previous post, Nightmares, Anyone?, whetted my appetite for a better, overall understanding of dreams. So, after a quick search of the literature, two contradictory theories caught my attention: those of Freud and of Hobson. Briefly,            Dreams are psychologically meaningful (Sigmund Freud)            Dreams are  physiological (J. Allan Hobson) The contrast between the two is…

Nightmares, Anyone?

I had a nightmare last night. Its intensity was shocking and caused bleak images to haunt me for days afterward. I was no longer safe in my bed. Instead, I’m running down a long, narrow hallway with no exits or entrances. It is a hospital hallway with patients’ rooms on either side. All the doors are…