Spring Blossoms

Hi Dear Readers:

A blossom of information has already bloomed and awaits your attention. The Valerie Fund, an organization that supports comprehensive health care for children with cancer and blood disorders in New Jersey and New York City, has been serving sick kids and their families for over 35 years. To observe the occasion, The Valerie Fund’s VOICES was published.

VOICES is a book filled with astoundingly wonderful photos of our resilient Valerie Fund children, their poems, and their artwork. Insightful quotes by the children’s parents and siblings add to the book’s power.

VOICES, a team effort first conceived by Bunny Flanders of The Valerie Fund, and involving writer/editor Rhonda Silver, graphic designer Mary Tedesco, and me, is now on sale at The Valerie Fund’s website http://www.thevaleriefund.org. Please click on ‘Gift Shop’ at the top of the organization’s web page and take a look. This is truly a book to cherish.

On a far different note, another spring season blossoms for me with fresh writing possibilities and some computer clean-up tasks. These kinds of blossomings, though, require a sabbatical from my blog for several months. I am confident, however, that I will see more flowering from the fruits of my labor,

  • And since hope springs eternal, in mid-May with the help of an editor, I will begin restructuring my memoir, Unexpected Lives (working title), in a renewed effort to find a book publisher.
  • I am working on a second book, Breathless: Resilient Mothers in Challenged Families (working title), with my co-authors Cherie Castellano and Mary Beth Walsh about resilience in Moms with special needs children. These children run the gamut from autism to cancer to cerebral palsy and every serious illness in between. By the way, our book on resilience is still looking for additional submissions. If you know a mom with a special needs child who would like to submit a chapter about her resilience, please contact me.
  • The third project involves my website http://www.suzannbgoldstein.com. It needs to be spruced up: more content will be added and the site’s maneuverability improved. The web master will do most of the work but I’ll attempt to be a bit more courageous and do some of that maneuvering myself.

I will try to keep you all updated as to my progress. In any event, keep watching. I’ll be back!



Suzann B. Goldstein lives with her husband Ed in the Watchung Mountains of New Jersey. Suzann and Ed established The Valerie Fund, an organization that supports children with cancer and blood disorders in New Jersey and in New York City. Suzann has her Master of Arts degree in sociology with a sub-specialty in medical sociolgogy from Rutgers University, is a published author and poet, and has just recently completed her memoir, Unexpected Lives.